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Stock No : 90721
Type : Turret Punch Press
Manufacturer : Yawei
Model : HPH-3048
Year :
Brief Descriptions : 30 ton, 1250 x 5000mm maximum sheet size, 38 station turret with 2 auto index, 600hpm (nibbling), thick turret type (Amada style)

NEW Yawei HPH 3048 CNC Turret Punch Press.

Features include

  • 30 ton punching capacity
  • 1250 x 5000mm with one reposition
  • auto repositioning
  • 38 stations / 2 auto index (B)
  • thick turret system (Amada style) for more accurate tool guiding. With changable, hardened sleeves.
  • 6.35mm max material thickness (ball tables required)
  • nibbling: 600hpm
  • punching 1mm step / 6mm stroke: 320hpm
  • punching 25.4mm step / 6mm stroke: 230hpm
  • brush tables
  • Siemens 840D control
  • Axes of control: 4 (X, Y, T, C)
  • ECO Plus hydraulic ram head (H&L - Germany) allows CNC controlled stroke speed/pressure
  • automatic clamp sensors
  • die disengagement sensor
  • automatic centralised lubrication
  • rapid lower die changing system
  • tool changing light and tooling jig
  • stable bridge frame design
  • Size: 5600(l) x 5000(w) x 2200(h)
  • Weight: 16,000kg
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