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Stock No : 91201
Type : Plasma
Manufacturer : HG Plascut
Model : HGCUT3000 (HPR130XD)
Year :
Brief Descriptions : Hypertherm HPR130XD plasma source (130A) with manual gas control, 3000mm distance of rail, 8000mm length of the rail, 170mm torch up/down, 12000mm/min maximum cutting speed, 6-150mm maximum cutting th

NEW HG Plascut, HGCUT3000 Heavy Duty Plasma cutting system with Hypertherm HPR130XD plasma source with manual gas control.

Features include:

- 3000mm distance of rail
- 8000mm length of rail
- 170mm torch up/down movement
- 12000mm/min maximum cutting speed
- 6-150mm maximum cutting thickness
- 1 plasma cutting torch
- 1 flame cutting torch

Main Components:

- Hypertherm HPR130XD plasma source (130A) with manual gas control
- Panasonic servo motor system
- Delta PLC
- Neugart (German) gearbox
- 43kg, U71Mn rail
- Dual drive
- Flame torch THC
- Hypertherm THC on Plasma torch
- Hypertherm Microedge Pro touchscreen CNC controller
- Hypertherm Pro-Nest software

Optional Extras:

- 6000 x 2000mm cutting table
- High volume fan extractor
- High volume filtrations extractor

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