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Stock No : 98054
Type : Bandsaw
Manufacturer : Cosen
Model : C-800DMNC
Year :
Brief Descriptions : 800 x 400mm capacity at 90 degrees, 500mm round at 90 degrees, 1500-6500mm feed stroke, 20-100m/min blade speeds, 1050mm table height, 5.6kW motor

NEW Cosen C-800DMNC Programmable NC Double Mitre Cutting Bandsaw.

Features include:

- programmable controller with large job memory
- automatic kerf compensation
- PLC controls all electric and hydraulic functions including; down feeds, vices, blade tensioner and nesting vice
- Variable Vice regulator
- hydraulic chip conveyor and cleaning hose
- capacity at 90 degrees:
: 800 x 400mm rectangle
: 500mm round
- capacity at 45 degrees:
: 550 x 400mm rectangle
: 450mm round
- capacity at 60 degrees:
: 400 x 400mm rectangle
: 400mm round
- 1500-6500mm feed stroke
- 6600 x 54x 1.3mm blade size
- variable speed 20-100m/min
- 1050mm table height
- bi-metallic blade
- automatic wedging resistance
- one spot full stroke top clamp

- motor power: 5.6kW
- machine weight: 6400kg
- machine size: 5200 x 3530 x 2725mm

The SNC20 control allows the operator to program up to 20 different jobs including quantity and length of cut.

Desired mitering is set via hydrualic control from the console, the digital dispaly reads to a tenth of a degree.

Automatic wedging resistance: When cutting some heavy wide material, the material may stress relieve and pinch the blade.
To prevent the blade from becoming wedged the machine will detect the increase in required amperage and automatically raise the blade then return to the cut. This will repeat this untill the cut is completed.


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