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Stock No : 98133
Type : Injection Moulder
Manufacturer : Chen Hsong
Model : Jetmaster JM1200-SVP/2
Year :
Brief Descriptions : 120mm screw, 6242g shot (PS), 1250 x 1250mm between tie bars, 1200 ton clamp force

NEW Chen Hsong Jetmaster Large Servo Drive Series Injection Moulding Machine.


- JM1200-SVP2

Injection Unit:

- Machine weight: 64 ton
- Screw diameter: 120mm
- Shot weight: 6242g (PS)
- Swept volume: 6785cm3
- Injection pressure (max): 1,446kgf/cm2
- Screw stroke: 600mm
- Screw rotation speed: 113rpm (max)
- Plasticising rate: 157.6g/s
- Injection rate: 1274g/s
- L/D ratio: 22:1 

- Pump Power: 204kW

- Heating Power: 55kW

Clamping Unit

- Clamping force (max): 1200 ton
- Opening stroke: 1320mm
- Space between tie bars: 1250 x 1250mm
- Mould platen dimension: 1800 x 1800mm
- Maximum daylight: 2620mm
- Mould thickness: 500-1300mm
- Ejector stroke: 350mm
- Ejector force: 35ton 


- Oil tank capacity: 1,600Lt
- Machine dimensions: 13.2 x 2.8 x 2.7m (L x W x H)

Features include:

- B & R Smartmold 88 controller( Display in Enligh)

- CE mark

- Linear Transducer in clamping; injection, ejection, carriage.

- Standard Nitrided screw and barrel 

- Standard servo motor driven pump system ( ie. SVP/2) 

- Standard mould platen with mountin holes and T slot. 

- European central hydraulic ejector

- Standard hopper with hopper slider with bearings 

- Pneumatic air blow out device, 1 set

- Hydraulic core pulling device, 2 sets

- Automatic mould height adjustment

- Cold start up prevention on barrel

- Standard mould clamps and levelling pads

- Standard export wpare part ?Nozzle heater, 2 barrel heaters, screw tip assembly, hydraulic oil filter, seal kit)

- Barrel ceramic heating with solid state relay

- Euromap 67 robot interface

- Standard machine cover and colour 

- Extra ventilation fans on electrical cabinet

- Hopper platform and stairs

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