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Stock No : 99405
Type : Lasers
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Model : ML-4020RX 45CF-R
Year :
Brief Descriptions : New high speed flying optics laser from Mitsubishi (Japan). Premium laser cutting machinery brought to Australian industry by Applied Machinery.
NEW Mitsubishi (Japan) eX Series High Speed Flying Optics Laser, model ML-4020RX 45CF-R.

Features and inclusions:

- Work piece size 4050 x 2060mm / maximum weight 950kg
- Cutting thickness:
|- Mild steel 26mm (Oxygen)
|- Stainless steel 20mm (Nitrogen and 10 inch head)
|- Aluminium 16mm (Nitrogen and 10 inch head), 10mm (Air)
|- Copper 2mm
- Axis travel: X-4100mm / Y-2100mm/ Z-150mm
- Rapid travel rate: X and Y - 100m/min
- Rapid travel rate: Z - 65m/min
- Maximum feed rate 50m/min
- 5 and 7.5 inch auto focus preset head
- Automatic sheet/plate edge detection (auto rotation)
- Mitsubishi cross flow resonator 4500 Watts
- Resonator features a patented design with no turbine and no glassware which results in a substantial reduction in ongoing maintenance costs
- Laser gas CO2/CO/N2/He = 8/4/60/28
- Laser gas consumption 3 litres/hour
- Double cut function allows surface removal and cutting on poor quality material and protected sheetmetal
- Blow cutting edge piercing function
- Dross reduction control at corners
- Head retraction by normal, diagonal and arc method
- 90% energy saving during standby mode
- Pallet changer
- High Pressure Gas control unit
- Air-cooled chiller
- Fume Extraxtor
- Mitsubishi LC 30Bx CNC controller with 15 inch touch screen, 20GB hard disk, USB and ethernet
- Barcode Reader
- Power supply: 200V/3PH/50Hz
- Transformer: 415V/200V
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