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Stock No : 99408
Type : Fiber Laser
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Model : ML-3015 SR- F40
Year :
Brief Descriptions : 3050 x 1525mm maximum workpiece size, 4000W Mitsubishi fiber laser source, Mitsubishi LC30BX CNC system, work lifter, automatic pallet changer, magnetic damage reduction function

NEW Mitsubishi High Speed Flying Optics Fiber Laser, model ML-3015 SR- F40.

- Cutting capacities: 25mm mild steel , 20mm stainless, 20mm aluminium, 6mm copper, 12mm brass
- 3050 x 1525mm maximum workpiece size
- 950mm maximum workpiece weight
- 880mm workpiece support height
- 3100 x 1565 x 150mm stroke (X x Y x Z)
- 140m/min maximum combined rapid feed rate XY-axis
- 4000W Mitsubishi fiber laser source
- Automatic focus Zoom Head*ML-ZN) including thick mildsteel cutting enhancement function& High Peak Pierce(HPP) 
- Magnetic damage reduction function
- Automatic pallet changer

- Work piece position compensation

- Automatic lubrication system

- High pressure gas control 
- Bar Code Reader
- Eco Mode(running costs down by 90%)
- Network connection unit
- Mitsubishi LC30BX CNC system with barcode reader
- Cooling unit
- Work lifter
-  Quick Gas switch
- Safety cover with windows 
- Donaldson Dust extractor

- RAT measures

Some of the key features of the SR-F Series Fiber Lasers from Mitsubishi include:

- Diamond path advanced beam delivery system. Superior edge quality and processing consistency over the entire work area.
- PC based, 64-bit NC control with a user friendly touch-screen interface and full network capability
- Ultra rigid, single platform Dianite cast machine frame. Provides the ultimate stability that ensures high-speed processing accuracy.

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