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Stock No : 99410
Type : Lasers
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Model : ML-3122 VZ10
Year :
Brief Descriptions : 3D laser processing system from Mitsubishi Electric. 2000W C02 cross-flow resonator, zero offset processing head, 5 inch focal length, 5 axes simultaneous control - X, Y, Z, W & U

New Mitsubishi 3D Laser Processing Machine, model ML-3122 VZ10 ML20XF.

Features and inclusions:

- 2000W CO2 cross flow resonator
- Zero offset processing head
- 5 inch focal length
- 5 axes simultaneous control: X, Y, Z, W & U
- Maximum workpiece dimensions: 3100 x 2200 x 850mm
- Maximum 2D workpiece size (C-axis fixed at 90 degrees): 3100 x 2200mm
- Stroke (X, Y, Z): 3100 x 2200 x 850mm
- W-axis: +/- 360 degrees
- U-axis: +/- 90 degrees
- Maximum (X, Y, Z): 35m/min
- Maximum cutting speed (X, Y, Z): 35m/min and W,U: 360 deg/sec
- Cutting capacity: 10mm mild steel, 5mm stainless steel, 6mm aluminium (with compressed air)
- 3 axis simultaneous, independent NC height control
- Spring type damage reduction for cutting head
- High pressure gas NC control
- High speed height sensor
- High speed cutting control
- Chiller unit

Mitsubishi CNC Control:

GUI-based, 15 inch TFT touch screen CNC control with help screens for new users.

- Self check function
- Counter function
- Teaching function
- On-Path control
- Welding function

Optional Extra (additional cost):

- 2D sheet processing pallet

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