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Stock No : 99999
Type : Laser Spare Parts
Manufacturer : Amada Fanuc and More
Model : Various
Year :
Brief Descriptions : Keep your lasers running longer and save thousands on spare parts.

We have complete machines of spare parts, Amada laser spare parts, Trumpf spare parts, Fanuc spare parts.
Keep your lasers running longer and save thousands on spare parts.

We have complete machines of spare parts – Amada laser spare parts, Trumpf spare parts, Fanuc spare parts.

Parts and stock is changing daily. Call Naag on 03 9706 8066 or email with your requirements

Current List as of 26/07/2014:


Amada cutting controller AHS100 (x1)
Amada cutting controller HS-95 (x2)
Amada gas control unit (x1)
Amada inverter servo drive B06790-LCFB (x1)
Amada inverter servo drive B0673A-LCDST (x)

Amada Circuit Boards:

Amada BO676B-LCPM (x1)
Amada BO670B-LCHUC (x1)
Amada BO6790-LCFB (x1)
Amada BO06790-LCFB (x1)
Amada BO6790-LCFB (x1)
Amada BO867A-RFPS1-000 (x1)
Amada BO69990-LCPU2-000 (x1)
Amada BO683A-LCP10-00A (x1)
Amada BO680A-LCPU1-010 (x1)
Amada BO865A-RFIF5-010 (x1)
Amada BO864A-RFIF4-010 (x1)
Amada SOI-00199A-644/645/ 657/667 (x1)
Amada BO674A-LCPTN (x1)
Amada BO666A-LCC0N (x1)
Amada BO671A-LCCMD (x1)
Amada BO67B-LCPM (x1)
Amada BO700A-LCPAS (x1)
Amada BO675A-LCGAS (x1)
Amada BO670A-LCHVC (x1)
Amada BO673A-LCDST (x1)
Amada CO019A-PASIO (x1)
Amada LC-644/667 SOI-001-89 (x1)
Amada LC-644/645SOI-001-99A 657/667 (x1)
Amada BO674A-LCPTN (x1)
Amada BO671A (x1)
Amada BO666A-LCC0N (x1)
Amada BO6680-LCTH (x1)
Amada BO675A-LCGAS (x1)
Amada BO675A-LCGAS (x1)
Amada BO676A-LCPM (x1)
Amada BO676A-LCHVC (x1)
Amada BO671A-LCCMD (x1)

Fanuc Pulse Generators:

Fanuc A860-0202-T014 (x2)

Fanuc Power Modules:

Fanuc A20B-2000-0180 (x7)
Fanuc A16B-1010-005017C (x1)

Fanuc Input Units:

Fanuc Input Unit AI4B-0076-B022 (x3)
Fanuc Input Unit AI4B-0803-C300 (x1)

Fanuc Valve Control Units:

Fanuc A290-4512-V048 (x1)
Fanuc A04B-0801-C407 (x1)
Fanuc A04B-0811-C400 (x1)
Fanuc Tape Reader Unit ABB-0073-B001 (x1)

Laser Tubes:

1kW Laser Tube (x8)
2kW Laser Tube (x9)
3kW Laser Tube (x13)

Fanuc Servo Amplifiers:

Fanuc AO6B-6058-H005 (x7)
Fanuc AO6B-6058-H223 (x3)
Fanuc AO6B-6058-H023 (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-6058-H222 (x3)
Fanuc AO6B-6058-H003 (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-6058-H006 (x1)

Fanuc Servo Motors:

Fanuc AO6B-0310-B001 2-OS (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-0309-B002 1-OS/3000 (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-0372-B177 a2/2000 (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-0313-B003 OS (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-0313-B081 OS (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0127-B077 a6/2000 (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0313-B061 OS (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-0314-B061 5S (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0315-B503 10S (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0152-B077 a30/2000 (x1)
Fanuc Part No A290-0521-VJ41 (x1)
Fanuc Part No AO92-0521-VJ41 (x1)
Gettys Fanuc Servo Motor 30M (x1)
Gettys Fanuc Servo Motor 10L (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0312-B003 1-OS (x2)
Fanuc AO6B-0502-B063 20S (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0315-B063 20S (x1)
Fanuc AO6B-0315-B063 10S (x1)

Fanuc Cicruit Boards:

Fanuc A20B-2000-0180-04B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-035 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0901/08B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-036 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-022 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-021 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-121-027 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0090/05B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-007-0750/7B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-2000-0200/04A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0360-04B 1/4 axes (x2)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0350-06A Graphic/MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0220-02A I/0 C7 (x2)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0270-12F Laser Interface (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0920-06A Graphic/MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0210-10B Memory (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0270-05A Laser Interface (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0901-BB- PMC-M (x3)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0350-05A Graphic/MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-0220-02AI-OC7 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2201-0103-04A Memory (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-035003A Graphic MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0340-D4A (x1)
Fanuc A20B-0007-0750/07B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1004-0080/02A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1110-0224/01A (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1004-0080/02A T (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1110-0200/5A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0250/05A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1110-0223/03A Power Supply Module (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1700-01601/13B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1004-0080 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1110-0221-13E (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1003-0750-02A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2202-0730/03B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1110-0223/7B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1005-0120 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0670/02B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0361/02A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0661/03C T (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1000-0940/06B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1001-0731/02A (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1001-0731/03A (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1004-0080/02A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0670-02B T (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0361/02A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0360/06C (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0361/02A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0360-06C (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2100-0141 NF7112 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1110-0220/04B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-0007-0750/07B (x1)
Fanuc A20B-0007-0750/07B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1600-0090/04B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0220/01A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0220/03A (x1)
Fanuc A20B-1001-0731/04A (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0360/04B 1/4 axes (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-027/08C Laser Inteface (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0901-08B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2207-0730-03B (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0360-02A 1/4 axes (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0350/04A Graphic/MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-220+010 3/04A Memory Board (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0360/034 1/4 axes (x1)
Fanuc A16b-1212-0270/10D Laser Interface (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0210-/12C Memory (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0220/02A I/O C 7 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0350/04A Graphic/MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0901/12B PMC-M (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0360-04B 1/4 axes (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0220-02A I/0 C7 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0270/11E Laser Interface (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0210-12C Memory (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1211-0901-12B PMC-M (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0220-02A I/0 C7 (x1)
Fanuc A16B-2200-0350-03A-Graphic-MPG (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0210-10B Memory (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0270-05A Laser Interface (x1)

Fanuc Power Units:

Fanuc A16B-1211-0850-01 (x1)
Fanuc A16B01212-0110-01 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B202-03 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0075-B120-01 A SET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B304-03 A SET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B202-03 B SET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B304-03 BSET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B202-03 C SET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B304-03 C SET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B202-03 D SET (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B304-03 D SET (x1)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0110-01 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B104-01 (x8)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B0009-02 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B010-01 (x2)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B112-02 (x2)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B114-01 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B106-01 (X8)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B108-03 (x2)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B201-03 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B307-01 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B307-02 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B105-01 (x4)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B003-01 (x24)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B008-01 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B111-01 (x1)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B106-03 (x4)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B108-03 (x2)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B004-03 (x4)
Fanuc A14B-0082-BB04-06 (x2)
Fanuc A14B-0082-B002-02 (x8)

Fanuc Power Supply Modules:

Fanuc A20B-1000-047-2/03A (x5)
Fanuc A06B-6077-H106 (x2)
Fanuc A16B-1212-0110-01 (x1)
Fanuc A06B-6079-H104 (x1)

Fanuc Amplifier Macro Cassette Drives:

Fanuc A06B-6079-H204 (x1)
Fanuc A06B-6079-H106 (x1)
Fanuc A06B-6079-H101 (x1)
Fanuc Macro Cassette A02B-0091-C113 (x7)
Fanuc Macro Cassette A02B-0091-C115 (x1)
Fanuc Disc Drive A20B-2000-0580/01A

Siemens Circuit Boards:

Siemens 6RB2000-OND00 447 700 9083 00 JKL (x1)
Siemens 6RB2000-OND00 447 700 9083 00 JKL (x1)
Siemens 6RB2030-OFA01 447 703 9050-01 GHJ (x1)

Assorted Parts:

Toshiba Monitor D9CM01A (x1)
Hitachi IG-RT Inverter – JH300 (x1)
Sysmac C500 Omron PLC (x1)
FujiFVR G7S Inverter (x2)
Bosch Vacuum Pump-021-336 (x1)
Bosch Vacuum Pump-016-112 (x1)
Bosch Vacuum Pump FN-80 (x1)
Bosch Vacuum Pump SF-JRF (x2)
Fanuc Turbo Blower A04B-0800-C011 (x3)
Amada Transistor module (x1)
Amada Base Discharge module (x1)
Fanuc NC Rotary positioner PRV50-TK (x1)
Amada Head Sensor unit ZCS-100 (x1)
Fanuc Interface Adaptor ABB-0073-C0D1 (x1)
Amada Power Supply unit (x1)
Anga 90 30880 Circuit Board (x1)
Circuit Board SJ-STZ2-1 (x1)
Circuit Board 74-53678-00B (x1)
Circuit Board 73-53730-7453686-00-C (x1)
SOGEVAC Hydraulic Power Pack SV25 955 03 64 (x1)
Fanuc LCD/MDI Unit A02B-0200-C061/MB (x1)
Cosel Cosel Power Supply P600-24 (x1)
Fanuc Handy File Floppy disc ABB-0159-8111 (x1)
Bosch Vacuum Pump (x1)
Amada DC Unit DC76 V (x2)
Amada RF Unit RF42OHR (x1)
Amada RF Unit RF322 (x1)
Amada Control Box AH5-100C (x1)
Hitachi HFC-VAH Inverter IILBR (x1)
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