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Genox Plastic Wash Plants – Intelligent, Efficient, Cost-Effective & Fully Customisable

Posted by Applied Machinery Australia   

Genox universal plastic washing plants are high performance recycling systems for rigid or flexible plastics from various sources, including materials with high contamination levels. Our partnership with Genox provides us with the flexibility to customise the perfect plastic washing system to match the wide-ranging requirements of our customers across the country.

These modular systems are capable of processing general plastics such as.

  • HDPE Bottle
  • PE film (post-consumer or agricultural
  • PP woven bags
  • PET bottles

For further information on our range of Genox plastics washing systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Call David Macdonald or Paul Rees on 03 9706 8066, or email sales@appliedmachinery.com.au

Genox Wash Plant

Depending on the application, these Genox plastic washing plants may include:

  • Bale Breaker – opens the bales of bottles to allow them to flow and be sorted
  • Infeed Belt Conveyor – supplied an even feed of material to the plant
  • Pre-Shredder – wet shredding for size reduction and washinh
  • Screw Washer – washing and materials transportation
  • Hot Washing Tank – hot washing with alkaline (caustic) soda to remove glue and oil
  • Sink-Float Separation Tank 1 – removal of some contamination and helps wash the material
  • Granulator – wet granulation for size reduction and washing
  • Horizontal Friction Washer 1 – high speed washing/scrubbing of material
  • Sink-Float Separation Tank 2 – removal of some contamination and helps wash the material
  • Horizontal Friction Washer 2 – high speed washing
  • Centrifugal Dryer – mechanical dewatering of the product
  • Screw Press With Advanced Feeding Systyem – mechanical dewatering through squeezing action
  • Thermal Drying System – hot air drying of the product
  • Zig-Zag Classifier – removes some of the labels and fines
  • Bagging Station – various sizes to suit each application
  • Genox Control Panel – single position, simple to operate controls of the entire plant

Genox Wash Plant

Genox Wash Plant

Genox Wash Plant