Cosen C-780FNC Bandsaw

Cosen C-780FNC Bandsaw

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Product: Cosen C-780FNC Bandsaw
dual column fully programmable auto bandsaw, suited for stuctural steel application, 550 x 780mm material capacity, Smart NC-100 controller, chip conveyor, nesting fixture.

NEW Cosen C-760FNC Dual Column Fully Programmable Automatic Bandsaw.


  • Round: 560mm
  • Square: 520mm
  • Rectangular: 520(H) x 760mm(W)
  • Bundle: 250-500mm(W) x 265-400mm(H)

NC Control:

  • Smart NC100 touch screen technology
  • 100 job memory including quantity and length of cut
  • automatic kerf compensation
  • automatic machine shutdown after job completion
  • Save-A-Blade feature to prolong blade life by avoiding unnecessary blade and material contact after cutting

Features include:

  • hydraulic chip conveyor
  • hydraulic nesting fixture
  • automatic wedging resistance
  • discharge table with built-in coolant return
  • 2m roller table
  • worklight
  • 6666 x 54 x 1.3mm saw blade size
  • 7.5HP saw blade motor
  • hydraulically controlled blade tension
  • hydraulic, full stroke, zero clamping vice control
  • 500 or 1500mm single stroke (selectable), 9999mm multiple
  • 5500kg machine weight
  • 3300 x 2130 x 2400mm machine size

This heavy duty, automatic bandsaw from Cosen is expecially suited for structural steel cutting.