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When it comes to CNC machines, Applied Machinery is one of Australia’s largest and most respected dealers. And we know what works best, at the best price. We hold a wide range of CNC machines perfectly suited to a broad spectrum of production tasks.

CNC Lathes

A crucial part of the manufacturing process, we offer high precision CNC lathes with optimum quality output. The Hurco TMi Series CNC Lathes is the perfect combination of size and functionality, and are created to withstand the rigors of heavy cuts. The TM10i comes with a cast iron frame designed with Finite Element Analysis, and also features true 30 degree slant bed, brushless Yaskawa AC servos – Sigma V., 7.87” distance between X axis ways, 12” distance between Z axis ways, and maintenance-free cartridge spindle with permanently greased bearings.

The TM12i, meanswhile, is specifically created to withstand the rigors of heavy cuts, with a 10” instance between X axis ways and 17.7” distance between Z axis ways.

Hurco CNC Lathe Hurco CNC Lathe
Takisawa CNC Lathe Takisawa CNC Lathe

When it comes to stability, Taiwan Takisawa’s NEX Series is among the best. This CNC lathe series are designed and built to offer maximum rigidity and stability, as well as precision accuracy for years of operation. Its bed is scientifically ribbed and ruggedly constructed to keep vibration to a minimum, providing the ultimate stability in high speed and heavy cutting.

Myday CNC lathes are manufactured to the highest standards in Taiwan, and are available from 600mm swing diameter and 1500mm between centres up to 2500mm swing diameter and 12000mm between centres.

We also carry CNC lathes by Doosan, Hwacheon, Hyundai, and more.

Perfect for the mass production of parts in various applications including jewellery making, metal moulding, equipment parts shaping, cutting and drilling, we have the right CNC lathes for your business and industrial needs.

CNC Machining Centres

Applied Machinery offers different types of CNC Machining Centres, including:

  • CNC Machining Centres with Swivel Head
  • CNC Machining Centres with Trunnion Table
  • CNC Machining Centres with Turning Capabilities
  • CNC Machining Centres with 5 Axis Capabilities

Among our best selling machines is the Hurco CNC Vertical Machining Centres 3 & 4 Axis VMi Series. The best value on the market, this range has an efficient design that results in a compact mill with a large work cube but small footprint. A one piece machine base with premium components that is built to last.

Wele CNC Machining Centre Wele CNC Machining Centre
Hermle CNC Machining Centre Hermle CNC Machining Centre

The Wele RB Series Premium CNC Machining Centres are developed for high precision, heavy duty, and high performance on the smallest bridge range. All axes use an ultra-heavy roller guideway, and the super wide operator door – which opens fully – makes it easy to load and unload the workpiece.

Hermle’s Premium CNC Machining Centres with Turning Capabilities offer a large collision circle diameter, and can process very large workpieces relative to the machine footprint. Some models can also considerably exceed the 0 to 90 degrees swivelling range.

At Applied Machinery, we hold in stock a wide range of horizontal and vertical CNC Machining Centres from leading manufacturers that are perfectly suited for your production needs.

CNC Plasma Cutters

We offer a wide selection of CNC plasma cutters for metal cutting applications. Our plasma cutting machines are suitable for both light and heavy duty projects, and are able to cut materials including mild steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium.

One of our fastest selling machines, the Pro-Plas range of CNC Plasma Cutters are quality built, feature-packed and come at a surprisingly good price.

All Pro-Plas CNC plasma cutting systems come with a Hypertherm Powermax plasma source. Hypertherm is the industry standard in plasma cutting technology, and is a tried and tested system that your business can rely on.

All Pro-Plas CNC plasma cutting systems also include Fastcam Professional software and the Fastcam FONTGEN module, to allow you to save time and maximise efficiency.

Applied Machinery can match the capacity of the plasma source to your needs and budget. These industrial quality machines are perfect for Australian conditions, and we keep them in stock for quick delivery across the country.

Pro-Plas CNC Plasma Cutters Pro-Plas CNC Plasma Cutters

CNC Punch Presses

For premium turret punch presses, look no further than Yawei’s HPE series of servo driven CNC turret punch presses. This series incorporates the latest in CNC punching technology, utilising the LUST servo driven punching system from Germany. Fast, quiet and extremely power efficient, the HPE series are well suited to high production working environments.

Other key features include Siemens 840D sl CNC control system, 38 station turret with 2 auto index (B), auto x position, 3 moveable pneumatic clamps, and automatic lubrication system.

Yawei’s automated CNC turret punch press and shear combination machine, which comes complete with material library and automatic part sorting, has also seen a substantial rise in global demand. The amazing price point for Yawei’s machinery makes it easy for businesses to access this calibre of high-tech solution, without compromising on quality control and reliability.

We carry both new and used CNC punch presses that will meet your business and industrial needs. Speak to Applied Machinery today, and we will help you find the machine that suits your requirements as well as budget.

Yawei CNC Punch Press Yawei CNC Punch Press

CNC Fiber Lasers

Yawei’s fiber lasers offer speed, extreme accuracy, and cut consistency, and are suitable for processing a wide range of materials. Besides being simple to operate, Yawei fiber lasers also come at an affordable price point with low operating maintenance costs.

Many businesses in Australia have benefited from Yawei fiber laser systems, which have helped them decrease cutting times, improve the quality of their parts, and save money.

Two of the more popular fiber lasers in Australia are the Yawei HLF and HLE series. The HLF series features the Precitec Auto Focus cutting head and Siemens 840D SL CNC control system. Other highlights include IPG YLS fiber laser source, Parker Air Dryer, edge detection, and NC pressure control.

The HLE series, on the other hand, comes with Raytools cutting head (Switzerland) and Beckoff CNC control system (Germany), and other features include IPG fiber laser source, SMS Air Dryer pallet changer and dust collector.

Applied Machinery has been in partnership with Yawei for more than 12 years, and are the exclusive supplier of Yawei precision sheetmetal machinery across Australia. Contact us today for reliable and robust fiber lasers that provide high throughput, high quality and high accuracy.

Yawei CNC Fiber Laser Yawei CNC Fiber Laser

CNC Beam Drilling Lines

Our Akyapak CNC beam drilling machines are the perfect systems to handle all of your structural steel processing requirements. Available exclusively in Australia from Applied Machinery, these precision, heavy duty beam drilling lines are exceptionally value for money when compared to similarly specified European machines.

These machines are capable of drilling, tapping, milling, countersinking, and layout marking, perfect to process all of your beam, channel, tube, angle and plate work with ease.

Features include Mitsubishi or Siemens advanced CNC controls for maximum functionality, Mitsubishi servo drives for reliability and performance, ATC to ensure maximum flexibility of all three spindles, and more.

Get in touch with Applied Machinery for a comprehensive list of features and specifications, and see how a new Akyapak CNC beam drilling machine can improve your business operation.

CNC Beam Drilling Lines CNC Beam Drilling Lines

CNC Guillotine

For high precision, heavy duty guillotines that are suited to the most demanding of applications, you cannot go wrong with Yawei’s HGS series of CNC Variable Rake Guillotines.

These hydraulic guillotines have a three wheel brake type structure to ensure smooth, consistent operation, and utilise top quality componentry such as Rexroth (Germany) hydraulics and oil pumps from either Sumitomo (Japan) or Voith (Germany).

Other features include a choice of Estun E21S or Delem DAC360 CNC control, premium alloy blades, and 1200mm front squaring arms with scale.

Among our best selling machines is the Hurco CNC Vertical Machining Centres 3 & 4 Axis VMi Series. The best value on the market, this range has an efficient design that results in a compact mill with a large work cube but small footprint. A one piece machine base with premium components that is built to last.We also carry guillotines from other leading manufacturers such as Metalmax, Machtech, and more.

For the best hydraulic guillotines that suit your business and industrial needs, contact Applied Machinery to find out more information.

CNC Guillotine CNC Guillotine
CNC Guillotine CNC Guillotine


Take a look at some of our CNC machines in action:

CNC Plasma Cutting

The ProPlas range of CNC plasma cutting systems offer exceptional value for money and a build quality that is amazing for this price point.

CNC Machining Centre

A quick demonstration of the program running on the Hurco VC500i, to machine a very sleek mag wheel for an existing Hurco customer in South East Asia.

CNC Pressbrake

The Amada FMB II 3613 NT Servo Electric CNC Pressbrake, with 35 ton bending capacity and 1300mm maximum bending length. Features include AMNC-PC advanced CNC control, 7-axis CNC, laser guards and more.

CNC Guillotine

Have a look at the backgauge of a Machtech NCG 6-3050 CNC Guillotine with an optional pneumatic sheet support system with positioning and falling functions.


Applied Machinery is proud to be in partnership with world class manufacturers, and to be carrying machines from these brands:

  • CNC Lathes – Hurco, Takisawa, Myday, Doosan, Hankook, Hwacheon, Hyundai, Microweily
  • CNC Machining Centres – Doosan, Hurco, Hyundai, Kitamura, Hermle, Hwacheon, Kiheung, SMTCL, SNK, Wele
  • CNC Plasma Cutters – Pro-Plas
  • CNC Punch Presses – Amada, Yawei
  • CNC Fiber Lasers – Yawei
  • CNC Beam Drilling Lines – Akyapak
  • CNC Guillotines – Acra, Amada, Hafco, Kingsland, Machtech, Metalmax, Promecam, Romac, Yawei


Our CNC machines have helped many businesses grow and advance in Australia. Here are just some of their stories.

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Yawei Pressbrakes provide growth opportunities for JC Butko Engineering

JC Butko Engineering found Yawei machines to be solid, reliable and good to use. More importantly, these machines allowed them to take on larger projects and increase their work capacity and scope.

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Quality & speed of Yawei fiber laser key attraction for Alliance Metal Solutions

When laser cutting became a big component of Alliance Metal Solutions’ activities, they knew they needed a fiber laser machine with more speed and energy efficiency.

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DJN Switchboards expands in-house manufacturing with Yawei Fiber Laser & CNC Pressbrake

DJN Switchboards is a specialist manufacturer of switchboards and switchrooms in Traralgon, and they share about how Yawei technology helped to boost their manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies.

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