Heavy Duty, Large Capacity Machines

Manufactured in the north of Spain in Basque country, Ibarmia universal machining centres offer unique and specialised machining solutions. Ibarmia has a rich history of building high quality machine tools to suit most industrial applications.

Ibarmia prides itself on a continued commitment to innovative advancements in their technologies, which in turn builds strong relationships with customers across the globe.

Ibarmia offers a huge range of range of machines to suit customers’ needs, with machines from 3 axis to 6 axis configurations and travels up to 12,000mm. Customisation of machines beyond the advertised specifications is often possible.

The core range of Ibarmia machines include the ZV Classic, ZVH Extreme, ZVH Multiprocess & the Series-T 5 axis. Call Prashant on 03 9706 8066 for a complete rundown of the Ibarmia range.

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