Take your metal parts to the next level with Weber's advanced grinding and finishing machines.


Weber Grinding & Finishing Machines

Whilst the quality of both laser cut and punched parts has improved dramatically in recent years, these parts still don’t have perfect edges or completely unblemished surfaces.

Weber Grinding Machines offer a solution to this problem by offering a range of machines that can grind, round, deburr and descale lasered, punched and nibbled parts, thereby providing perfect surfaces and edges. The technology allowing this is Weber’s sophisticated brush system comprising of multiple brush heads.

Weber Brush Heads

Three types of brush heads are available:

  • a compact planetary head,
  • double-row (DR) planetary head, or
  • the multi-rotation brush (MRB).

The Compact Planetary head provides an excellent solution to the problem of large rotating brush systems. Dividing up the brushes onto several smaller tool carriers minimises the machining differences along the operating width of the machine, which occur otherwise.

The DR planetary head provides all-round edge machining across the entire width. This planetary head technology allows for all-round edge machining with cup brushes. In this process, several rotating brushes arranged in groups are given an additional turning motion. This means that the brushes work at the ideal angle on the workpiece.

Weber’s MRB brush system is ideal for perfect edge machining. When round brushes are used, several rotating heads are also arranged next to each other. The meshing of the brushes during the combing procedure and two brushes per head create even machining results along the entire operating width. The modular design of the brush heads allows for problem-free machining of each part with the procedure it requires. This arrangement works perfectly for any material thickness starting from one millimetre.

“Manufacturers who want to get perfect edges and unblemished surfaces on the metal parts they produce and market, can now do this with a Weber grinding machine,” said Applied Machinery Sales Manager, Naag Ganji.

Weber Machines

Weber offers three different machines that cater to different quality requirements and market price points. Weber’s entry machine, the TTSC machine, is a compact model for deburring, rounding, descaling and surface grinding with a dry grinding procedure which provides good machining of punched and nibbled parts.

The TT deburring machine is Weber’s all-rounder, offering dry grinding that provides perfect results with the highest possible output. Weber’s NLC model is a wet deburring machine which is specifically designed for surface grinding and for special high-quality material types.

Of course, Weber also offers machines for machining heavy plates – in particular the deburring, rounding and descaling of flame-cut and plasma-cut parts.

The machining of very thick, heavy sheet metal parts makes high demands on the machines used for this process. For this purpose, Weber offers the special MK and MKS models.

Weber is a German based company with an impressive 100 years experience in grinding machine manufacturing. The Weber machine company is synonymous with innovation and high-quality machine construction.

“Applied Machinery is proud to have been appointed as the Australian distributor for Weber machines. We are confident that the product will appeal to manufacturers looking to take the quality of their finished product to the next level, and provide those manufacturers with a competitive advantage in the market place,” Mr Ganji summed up.

Applied Machinery recently celebrated 25 years in business and, in addition to Weber, represents a large range of other premium machinery manufacturers including Yawei, Genox, Hurco, Cosen, Chen Hsong, Alfa Robot, Hermle, Akyapak, Pro-Plas, Hyundai-WIA, and Kitamura.

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