SML SL-20AA Water Chiller

SML SL-20AA Water Chiller

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Product: SML SL-20AA Water Chiller
60Kw and 51600Kcal/h refrigeration capacity, 20HP compressor, R407C refrigerant (10kg), 360L water tank, 270L/min cold water flow rate.

New SML SL-20A Air Cooled Water Chiller.

Features include:

Refrigeration Capacity
  • 60kW
  • 51600Kcal/h
  • 20HP (15kW)
  • R407C
  • 10kg
Water Tank
  • 360L
Cool Water
  • 50.8mm cool water pipe diameter (2 inch)
  • 270L/min cool water flow rate
  • 16cu.m/h cool water flow rate
Fan Motor
  • Axial flow type blower fan
  • 0.65kW x 2
  • Protection for high and low pressure
  • Protections against compressor and pump overload
  • Antifreeze protection
  • Flow rate protection
  • 2200 x 1320 x 2100mm (LxWxH)
  • 750kg