Yawei AMS HS-30510

Yawei AMS HS-30510

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Product: Yawei AMS HS-30510
Featuring 6 shelf material library, automatic loading, HPE-30510 CNC servo drive turret punch press, RS1000 right angle shear and stacking and sorting device, this complete line from Yawei and Applied Machinery must be seen to be believed.

Due to a substantial rise in global demand, Yawei have increased production of their automated CNC turret punch press and shear combination machine, with material library and automatic part sorting.

We have pricing for the Australian and New Zealand markets which will slash the barriers to entry to this sort of technology. You could save in the area of 50% on what you've been quoted on a comparable system elsewhere.

If your company is looking at this sort of fully flexible automated manufacturing line, we'd appreciate the chance to present you with a proposal for your consideration.

Let's have a look at the line in more detail:

** 6 shelf material library, 3 ton capacity on each shelf with a fast 15 second loading time
** Automatic loading device with edge pulling and thickness detection for trouble-free operation
** HPE-30510 servo drive CNC turret punch press with Siemens 840D CNC control
** RS-1000 right angle shear capable of cutting up to 40cpm
** Automated stacking and sorting of finished parts
** Intelligent conveyor system for automatic removal of scrap metal following shearing

Take a look at the video to start to visualise how this solution could dramatically improve your bottom line.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information, and to further discuss this machine.