Yawei HPE-3048

Yawei HPE-3048

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Product: Yawei HPE-3048
Servo motor driven CNC turret punch press, 30 ton punching force, 1250 x 5000mm maximum sheet size (with one reposition), 6.35mm maximum sheet thickness, Siemens 840D CNC control, 40 station turret.

NEW Yawei Nisshinbo HPE-3048 Servo CNC Turret Punch Press.

Features include:

  • 30 Ton punching force
  • LUSTSP servo punching system (Germany)
  • 1250 x 5000mm maximum sheet size (with one repositioning)
  • 6.35mm Maximum sheet thickness
  • 40 Station turret with 2 auto index (D)
  • 1500spm
  • 3 Moveable pneumatic clamps
  • Automatic x gauge block
  • Brush table
  • Strip away detection
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Siemens 802D CNC control system
  • 5 Axes CNC: X, Y, Z, T, C
  • Tool hoisting device
  • Metalix CAD system with automatic nesting function
  • 5.1kW/h working power
  • 0.9kW/h standby power
  • Machine weight: 16000kg
  • Machine size: 5330 x 5000 x 2250mm (LxWxH)
Optional Extras
  • Air blow oil mist system
  • Multi tool device
  • Programmable movable clamps
  • Stainless tables with balls for heavier sheets
  • Leitz light guard system
  • 38 Station turret with 2 auto index (D) including one fixed E station