Yawei Nisshinbo HPI 3048

Yawei Nisshinbo HPI 3048

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Product: Yawei Nisshinbo HPI 3048
30 ton, 1250 x 5000mm maximum sheet size, 36stn (40stn optional), 2AI, 1000 hpm (nibbling), thick turret type (Amada style)

NEW Yawei Nisshinbo Turret Punch Press, model HPI 3048.

Features include:

  • 30 Ton punching capacity
  • 1250 x 5000mm with one reposition
  • Auto repositioning
  • 36 station with 2 auto index (B) or 40 station with 2 auto index D (option)
  • Thick turret system (Amada style) for more accurate tool guiding. With changable, hardened sleeves.
  • 6.35mm max material thickness
  • Nibbling: 1000hpm
  • Punching 1mm step / 5mm stroke: 580hpm
  • Punching 25.4mm step / 6mm stroke: 300hpm
  • Brush table
  • Siemens 802DSL or Fanuc 0i-PC CNC control (optional)
  • Axes of control: 5 (X, Y, Z, T, C)
  • Position control at BDC
  • Position keeping at BDC
  • HKL hydraulic ram head (H & L - Germany) allows CNC controlled stroke speed/pressure
  • Automatic clamps sensors
  • Die disengagement sensor
  • Automatic centralised lubrication
  • Rapid lower die changing system
  • Tool changing light and tooling jig
  • Stable bridge frame design
  • Size: 5600(l) x 5000(w) x 2200(h)
  • Weight: 16,000kg

This machine comes with full function (English) Metalix CNC CAD software with nesting option included.

The turret and control on this machine have been specifically designed to run Wilson type wheel tooling.

Functions include punching, forming, rib wheeling, slitting, etc.