Yawei PBH 300-5100 CNC5 (66T)

Yawei PBH 300-5100 CNC5 (66T)

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Product: Yawei PBH 300-5100 CNC5 (66T)
Hydraulically synchronised CNC pressbrake, 300 ton, 5100mm bed length, Delem DA-66T touch screen graphical CNC control, 5 axis (Y1, Y2, X, R & CNC crowning), Rolleri tooling.

New Yawei Synchro Pressbrake model PBH 300-4100 CNC7.

Features include:

  • 400 ton bending force
  • 6200mm bending length
  • 5100mm between frames
  • 510mm throat depth
  • 315mm ram stroke
  • 520mm open height
  • 7 axis CNC (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 & CNC hydraulic crowning compensation)
  • 2 front sheet supports moving freely on linear guide with roller supports.


  • Delem DA-66T touch screen graphical CNC control
  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D visualisation in simulation and production
  • 17 inch high resolution colour TFT
  • Full Windows application suite
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment
  • Sensor bending & correction interface


  • Full set of Rolleri (Italian) top tooling in 835mm lengths
  • Full set of Rolleri (Italian) bottom tooling in 835mm lengths
  • Quick release clamps for fast, efficient tool changes


  • Lazersafe Light Guard System (Australia)
  • Physical rear and side guards with interlock


  • Rexroth hydraulic system (Germany)
  • Heidenhain linear scales
  • Voith oil pump (Germany)
  • Deformation compensation on throat
  • precision ballscrew backgauge, AC servo motor driven and running on a linear guide.
  • 30kW main motor power
  • 1200L oil tank
  • Weight: 43000kg
  • Size: 6500 x 2160 x 3910mm

All Yawei Synchro PBH series pressbrakes maintain perfect control of the beam positioning at all times. This is achieved by fully closed loop electro-hydraulic servo control of Y1 & Y2. The beam position is measured by independent linear scales, attached to decoupled measuring frames.

These pressbrakes are of the highest quality and are perfectly suited to high production, high accuracy work environments.