Yawei PBH 500-4100 CNC5 (66T)

Yawei PBH 500-4100 CNC5 (66T)

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Product: Yawei PBH 500-4100 CNC5 (66T)
hydraulic synchronised CNC, 500 ton bending force, 4100mm maximum bendinglength, 5 axis CNC (Y1, Y2, X, R & CNC crowning compesnsation), Delem DA-66T touch screen, graphical CNC control.

New Machtech Yawei Synchro Pressbrake, model PBH 500-6200 CNC4.

Features include:

  • 500 ton bending force
  • 6200mm bending length
  • 5100mm between frames
  • 510mm throat depth
  • 315mm ram stroke
  • 520mm open height
  • Rexroth hydraulic system (Germany)
  • Delem DA-52 CNC control
  • 4 axis (Y1, Y2, X & hydraulic CNC crowning compensation)
  • deformation compensation on throat
  • 4 backgauge fingers
  • full top & bottom tooling
  • fast wedge clamps
  • heavy front sheet supports with roller supports
  • Lazersafe guards (Australia)
  • motor power: 37kW
  • machine weight: 53000kg (TBC)
  • machine size: 6500 x 2290 x 4500mm (TBC)