Akyapak APK 240

Akyapak APK 240

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Product: Akyapak APK 240
Angle iron (leg out): 160 x 20mm - 1600mm diameter, Pipe 220 x 8mm, SHS 150 x 10mm CE certified, roving control panel with foot pedal, hydraulic guide rolls.

NEW Akyapak APK 240 Section and Pipe Rolling Machine.


  • Angle iron (leg out): 160 x 250mm @1600mm diameter
  • Angle iron (leg in): 150 x 20mm @1600mm diamter
  • Flat bar (on edge): 175 x 40mm @1300mm diamter
  • Flat bar: 350 x 50mm @ 90mm diameter
  • Round pipe 220 x 8mm @ 2500mm diameter
  • Round bar 130mm @ 1600mm diamter
  • Square Hollow Section 150 x 10mm

Features and Inclusions

  • Set of standard rolls
  • Steel shafts, hardened and ground
  • Hydraulic positioning of rolls
  • Digital display for positioning
  • Hydraulic guide rolls
  • Rolls driven by hydraulic planetary gear box
  • CE certified
  • Roving control panel with foot pedal


  • Motor power: 30kW
  • 550mm diameter of rolls
  • Shaft diameter: 240/220mm
  • Dimensions: 2240 x 3360 x 2055mm
  • Weight: 17500kg

Optional Extras (available on request)

  • Special rolls for tubes/pipe and profiles
  • Spiral bending device
  • Pulling Device for U-I-H
  • Digital Readout for guide Rolls

Akyapak is a premium European manufacturer from Turkey, and their quality products are built without compromise.