Cosen CNC-800DM Bandsaw

Cosen CNC-800DM Bandsaw

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Product: Cosen CNC-800DM Bandsaw
800 x 400mm capacity at 90 degrees, 500mm round at 90 degrees, 1500-6500mm feed stroke, 20-100m/min blade speeds, 1085mm table height, 5.6kW motor

NEW Cosen CNC-800DM NC Dual Column Double Mitre Cutting Bandsaw.

Features include:

  • Programmable controller with large job memory
  • Automatic kerf compensation
  • PLC controls all electric and hydraulic functions including; down feeds, vices, blade tensioner and nesting vice
  • Hydraulic chip conveyor and cleaning hose
Capacity at 90 degrees:
  • 800 x 400mm rectangle
  • 500mm round
Capacity at 45 degrees:
  • 550 x 400mm rectangle
  • 450mm round
Capacity at 60 degrees:
  • 400 x 400mm rectangle
  • 400mm round
  • 1500-6500mm feed stroke
  • 6600 x 54x 1.3mm blade size
  • Variable speed 20-100m/min
  • 1085mm table height
  • bi-metallic blade
  • Automatic wedging resistance
  • One spot full stroke top clamp
  • motor power: 5.6kW
  • Machine weight: 6200kg
  • machine size: 5200 x 3530 x 2725mm