A Bespoke Solution to a 'Pressing'' Issue. Machtech Hydraulic Mould Presses.

After many years building strong relationships with our network of technology partners across the globe, it comes as no surprise that when one of our customers came to us with a requirement for a mould press that was outside the capacity of a regular machine, that it only took a few phone calls and production was underway on a made to order hydraulic mould press to get the job done.

Our standard Machtech HMP 100 ton hydraulic mould press comes with 1040mm between columns, which is more than adequate for the vast majority of applications it has been designed for. However on this occasion, the piece to be pressed was upwards of 1500mm wide, so with consultation with our technology partner we were able to get a machine engineered and manufactured with 1700mm between frames, whilst still keeping the strength and stability of the regular machine.

The Machtech HMP 100 (1700) hydraulic mould press has just gone out on the truck today and will be up and running in full production at our customer's premises in the next few days.

It's this sort of service that we pride ourselves on. We're not one of those companies where if it's not in stock it becomes all too hard. We're here to do our best to help our customers get the right machine for the job, at the right price .... each and every time.

For more information on the Machtech HMP series press, or any other machine please give our sales team a call on 03 9706 8066 or email sales@appliedmachinery.com.au

Machtech HMP Hydraulic Mould Press

Machtech HMP Hydraulic Mould Press, made to order with 1700mm between frames

Machtech HMP Hydraulic Mould Press

Machtech HMP Hydraulic Mould Press, bespoke series with 1700mm between frames