Hermle Premium CNC Machining Centres with Turning Capabilities

Applied Machinery is proud to represent Hermle in Australia.

Hermle (Germany) are all about milling. Their range of world class machines simply have to be seen to be believes. From design through to delivery, Hermle are world leaders.

For example, The Hermle C50U and C50UMT with their 2 NC swivelling rotary table variants can process workpieces of up to 2000 kg in weight in 5 axes simultaneously whilst maintaining the required precision; a great challenge for the machine dynamics, but no problem for a Hermle. Also available as a milling / rotating centre.

Hermle C50U
Hermle C50U

For more information on Hermle range and a full product catalogue, please contact:

Prashant Gokhale
03 9706 8066