Ninja 1530 Fiber Laser

Ninja 1530 Fiber Laser

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Product: Ninja 1530 Fiber Laser
1kW laser capacity (IPG), 3000 x 1500mm sheet capacity (approx 2400mm side load), Raytools autofocus cutting head, cartridge style dust collector, Cypcut CNC with automatic nesting, camera monitoring with viewing screen, fully encloses cutting area

NEW Ninja 1530 Compact Fiber Laser

Features include:

  • 1kW IPG fiber laser source
  • 1500 x 3000mm sheet capacity (approximately 2400mm side load access)
  • 120m/min X/Y maximum speed
  • 1.5G X/Y accelleration
  • +/-0.02mm repositioning accuracy
  • Small footprint approximately 4000 x 3000mm


  • 8mm mild steel
  • 4mm stainless
  • 3mm aluminium
  • 2mm brass

Main Component Schedule & Inclusions

  • Raytools autofocus cutting head (Swiss)
  • IPG fiber laser 1000W YLR
  • Cypcut FS2000 CNC with Cypnest
  • Yaskawa servo motor and drives (Japan)
  • Taiwanese guide rail
  • Motovario motor reducer (France)
  • Schneider electrics (France)
  • SMC pneumatic components (Japan)
  • Taiwanese gear and racks
  • Taiwanese ball screw
  • Automatic rail lubrication
  • Cartridge style dust extractor
  • Tongfei water chiller
  • Wireless handwheel
  • Fully enclosed cutting area for maximum safety