Service & Support

Specialist Service, Installation & Training

Applied Machinery Australia supply specialist service, installation and training for a wide variety of machinery types and manufacturers.

Our engineers are trained in all aspects of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic service and repairs.

We also specialise in training and repairs to many machine types, such as; Laser Processing Systems, CNC Pressbrakes, CNC Guillotines, Bandsaws, Mills, Lathes, Turret Punch Presses, CNC Lathes.


We have all of your service needs covered. Australia-wide.

  • Fiber Laser
  • CNC Pressbrakes and Guillotines
  • Turret Punch Presses
  • CNC Miling Machines (3,4 and 5 axis)
  • Bandsaws, Folders, Mills, Drills & Lathes,
  • Routine maintenance schedules
  • Factory relocation and consultation
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