Yawei HLF-2040 (4KW) Fiber Laser

Yawei HLF-2040 (4KW) Fiber Laser

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Product: Yawei HLF-2040 (4KW) Fiber Laser

The premium HLF series high speed fiber laser from Yawei is designed and built for heavy industrial applications. It is suited customers requiring absolute precision, high speeds, high volume workloads, and reliable output even in the most demanding of environments.

  • IPG YLS series, modular fiber laser source (Germany) – up to 20kW
  • Siemens servo motors driving a dual rack and pinion gantry (Germany)
  • A feature-packed graphical Siemens 840DSL CNC system (Germany)
  • Precitec autofocus cutting heads with automatic height sensing for faster processing. (Germany)
  • Fabricated, stress-relieved and fully annealed steel gantry to ensure rigidity and stability under rapid traverse acceleration up to 2G