Genox 'Gran Excalibur' GXC Series High Power Granulators

The Genox "Gran Excalibur" GXC high capacity, heavy duty series graunlators come with motor powers from 55kW through to 315kW.

They have been specially designed for high throughput processing. With a variety of rotor configurations, the granulators have a wide range of applications; hollow and voluminous material such as plastic drums, crates and chairs; flexible materials such as film, large woven bags and rubber; hard and thick material such as profiles and thick sheets, as well as other general plastics.

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Key features of the Genox GXC series granulators include:

  • Welded solid steel construction and compact, space saving design.
  • Two piece cutting chamber, divided at an inclined angle so the chamber can be open quickly by the hydraulic system. This makes maintenance and access very simple and time effective.
  • Bearings and bearing housings are located outside of the cutting chamber to prevent dust and dirt from damaging the bearings. This also ensures that grease does not get into the cutting chamber.
  • Rotor knives and counter knives can be adjusted outside of the granulator. A knife setting gauge is standard on all Genox granulators, the distance between the rotor knife edge and the screen can be easily set and adjusted as needed.
  • Three rows of counter knives are mounted around the cutting circle. One row of these counter knives can be removed for different material applications.
  • Changeable wear plates made from specially produced steel are mounted on both side of the rotor
  • Screw conveyors are installed under the screen for discharge of material
  • Rotor lock and rotor speed sensor is installed to ensure safety whilst performing any maintenance operations.


Genox GXC Series Granulator specifications:

Gran Excalibur Specs