Genox Vision Series Single Shaft Shredders

Genox Vision series single shaft shredders are the latest series of premium shredders on the market.

Genox machines are well known across Australia for their quality, reliability and price competitiveness. They are well and truly Australia's most preferred brand for most materials and waste reduction applications.

Read below for a brief overview on the Genox Vision series single shaft shredders, or contact us for further information and to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.

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These shredders are small to medium foot print machines and suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a uniform particle size. Throughputs are typically in the range of 300kg/h to 5,000kg/h depending on the model, material type and application.

Typical applications include:

  • Plastics/Mouldings - purgings, lumps, profiles, films, etc
  • Timber/Wood - pallets, joiners waste, green waste, etc
  • Paper/Cardboard - confidential documents, production waste, packaging materials, etc
  • Copper Cable - household, telecoms and industrial cables including S.W.A.
  • Aluminium - used beverage cans, swarf, cables, etc.
  • Textiles - carpet (rolls & tiles), garments and similar
  • Security Destruction - counterfiet items, faulty goods, out of date stock
  • Foam - production waste, etc.

Key features:


Genox Vision Series Single Shaft Shredders

  • Chevron rotor design
  • Rotor knives manufactured from special heat treated DC53 steel. They can be rotated and used on four edges before replacement
  • Long life fixed blades that can be adjusted to maintain cutter clearance
  • Wear resistant coating. Optional for applications involving abrasive material such as fibre glass

Screen Basket

Genox Vision Series Screen Basket

  • Quick change screens for accurate particle size control (sizes 12-100mm)
  • Safety limit switch fitted to screen access door to prevent machine operation whilst access door is open
  • Cylinders access door opener mounted on V800-V1500 series for easy opening and access
  • Star screen is available as an option for thin and/or flexible material such as film


Genox Vision Series Bearings

  • Oversized, high quality spherical shaft bearings are isoloated from the cutting chamber to prevent product migrations through the grease seals
  • Bearing housing integral machined to ensure the longevity of the bearings
  • Rotor water cooling. Optional water cooling through the bearing housing to the rotor


Genox Vision Series Ram

  • Segmented shredding chamber floor with brass guides
  • Machined, one-piece segmented floor
  • Advanced adjustable sealing system for the pushing unit
  • Fines discharge chute to the collect the fines during shredding and to protect the  hydraulic power pack


Genox Vision Series Drives

  • Electric drive motors configured for Star/Delta starting. Fluid coupling mounted on V1200 and V1500
  • Heavy duty reduction gearbox mounted directed onto the rotor shaft
  • Shock absorbing gearbox mountng arrangement to reduce stress on drive components

Hydraulic System

Genox Vision Series Hydraulic System

  • Twin speed hydraulics, faster speed for backwards to maximise the shredding throughput
  • Integrated oil/air cooler to maintain temperature for continuous operation
  • Optional cover insulator for applications that may eject hazard particles such as wood shredding.

Control Panel

Genox Vision Series Control Panel

  • Standalone electrical control panel with Siemens PLC control system and Schneider electrical components.
  • Manual and automatic controls for rotor direction and hydraulic force feeding device
  • Intelligent programming whereby the motor automatically reverses on overload and stops when the machine is idle

Genox Vision Series Single Shaft Shredder Specifications

Genox Vision Series Specifications

Vision Series V1000

Genox V1000 Shredder

Genox V1000 Shredder

Genox V1000 Shredder

Genox V1000 Shredder